The image displays a memorial diamond from ashes in white colour and emerald cut.
Hair / Ashes to Diamonds in UK
Memorial diamonds are forever. LONITÉ™ turns human hair and cremation ashes of your loved one into diamonds in UK. Cremation diamonds are certified by GIA. Every essence and provenance of your beloved is captured forever in the unique LONITÉ™ memorial diamond from ashes.

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LONITÉ™ Cremation Diamonds from Loved Ones' Ashes.

  1. Cremation diamonds made from ashes and hair of your beloved, possessing an unparalleled 4N purity (99.99%) carbon.
  2. LONITÉ™ diamonds are accompanied with authorised certification, proving true source from loved one's ashes.
  3. Free from heavy metals, unstable chemicals, and colouring additives — All from body elements making it 100% safe.

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LONITÉ™ Memorial Diamonds from Ashes are Forever.

  1. Every memorial diamond undergoes 5000 minutes’ manual carbon purification.
  2. Natural diamonds instead of CVDs are used as the seed crystal (the 0.01%, essential for HPHT technology).
  3. LONITÉ™ achieves a medical precision accurate to 0.001g, through use of the most advanced equipment.

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Ashes Submission

Ashes Submission

  • Cremation ashes
  • 8 oz / 200 g
  • Cremated bones
  • 10 oz / 300 g
  • Hair
  • 0.4 oz / 10 g
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Ashes to Diamond Cost is from £ 1400 - 0.25ct.

Price from £ 1400 - 0.25ct.

LONITÉ™’s ashes to diamond cost in UK comprises of the purification cost, diamond creation cost, and is based upon the cremation diamond size and technical processes involved.

image of a family which intends to turns hair into diamond to bond their love forever.
Swiss History of Precision and Quality.

Swiss History of Precision and Quality.

Every single step is handled solemnly and with the utmost respect. Each diamonds from ashes or hair is checked a total of 25 times at 7 inspection points. All LONITÉ™ memorial diamonds are certified and can be re-verified by any of the world’s recognised institutes.

LONITÉ™ Turns Hair and Ashes into Cremation Diamonds

Memorial diamonds are forever. LONITÉ™ makes memorial diamonds from ashes and hair of your loved ones and provides service to turn human cremation ashes into diamonds in UK. Please contact us if you need to make a unique cremation diamonds or if you need a cremation ring or pendant.

LONITÉ™'s ashes to diamonds service is now avalaible in UK, Australia, Canada and USA. The cremation ashes into diamonds process takes 3 to 18 months (bigger the stone, longer the time) and the ashes to diamonds cost starts from £ 1400 .